Weekly WordPress News: WP Site Care Origin Story, #WPDrama, WordPress Security Update

WordPress just shipped version 4.2.3 which is a security release fixing a cross-site scripting vulnerability so make sure you are up to date on all your sites.

Epic and well written post by Brian at Post Status where he delves deeply into the latest #wpdrama between Matt Mullenweg and Chris Pearson, Thesis, Autommatic and WordPress. He explains the history of animosity between the two and delves into the deeper issues regarding WordPress and the GPL and Chris’ patent application, take a while to read through it all.

Sorry, but another drama related post which I found quite interesting to read was James Farmer’s “Persona Non Grata – 10 Years as a WordPress Entrepreneur”. As you can see from his post, his personality seems to rub people up the wrong way, he has made some mistakes in the past and his language and treatment of bloggers is just wrong and for that, he has paid a price which has harmed his business and basically ostracized his company from the WordPress community.

Finally, a nice post by Ryan Sullivan at WP Site Care where he shares his origin story of creating the business from a spare room in house.

Big news week today – lots of interesting posts to check out. Enjoy!

WordPress News and Articles

  • Thesis, Automattic, and WordPress – A comprehensive and well-written history of the drama between Mullenweg and Pearson.
  • WordPress 4.2.3 Security and Maintenance Release – Update immediately
  • Transparency in WordPress: Public Income Reports Roundup July 2015 – Get inspired with our latest income roundup.
  • The WP Site Care Origin Story – I love reading posts like this, Well done Ryan.
  • Persona Non Grata – 10 Years as a WordPress Entrepreneur – James Farmer of WPMU Dev on his strange relationship with WordPress.
  • Automattic, WordPress.com, Jetpack, European cookie laws and transparency – WP & Legal Stuff looks into the annoying EU cookie laws.
  • Theme and plugin shop terms of use versus GPL freedoms – They also look into how companies are wording their GPL agreements.
  • YC-Backed Fonticons Is A Subscription Icon Service From The Creator Of Font Awesome – Creator of FontAwesome take YC backing to create Fonticons.
  • The Truth About Thesis.com – Chris Pearson puts over his side of the story in relation to his legal battles with Autommatic.
  • How we’ve Increased our Revenue by 15% with only 3 Simple Tactics – WP Rocket Transparency report.
  • How Real Businesses Are Making Very Real Money Using WordPress – Article about successful WP businesses.
  • Who’s Using the WordPress REST API? – Excited to see what is built when this is added to core.
  • Overcoming product launch fear & growing your list – “If you’re not embarrassed of your first product, you’ve launched too late. “

Tutorials and How-Tos

  • How to Choose Names for Your Products – Solid post about product naming.
  • Optimization Strategies For The WordPress Plugin Directory – Tips for improving your plugin listing page on WordPress.org
  • Blogging Tips from the Publisher of 14,719 Articles – Nice interview at the Pro Plugin directory
  • Toolbox of the Smart WordPress Developer: WP Quick Install – Faster way to get WP installed with a range of modifications.
  • Toolbox of the Smart WordPress Developer: GenerateWP – GenerateWP creates common WP code for you.
  • How to Use Automation to Build an Efficient and Profitable WordPress Business – Automate your freelance business.
  • How to Add WordPress SEO Services to Your WordPress Maintenance Packages – How to sell SEO to your clients.

Resources & Freebies

  • Parallax One: A Completely Free One Page Parallax Theme from Themeisle – Great new free theme from Themeisle, can it top Zerif?
  • WPStore: A Feature-Packed WooCommerce Theme for Creating Online Stores – A monster of an eCommerce theme reviewed.
  • Yoast SEO 2.3 – WordPress SEO is renamed to “Yoast SEO” along with some updates.
  • Event Calendar Plugin – Display events with this free plugin.
  • Better Google Analytics – I’ve started using this, great plugin.
  • AGP Font Awesome Collection – Plugin for adding FontAwesome to any WordPress site.

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