Weekly WordPress News: User Growth, Customizer, and NASA

This week, you can check out an interesting article detailing Elementor Page Builder’s growth from 0 to 10k active users in less than 3 months.

You can also look at some possible additions to Jetpack and the WordPress Customizer, as well as all the places WordPress is being used.

And I’ve shared some tutorials for setting up CloudFlare, building a simple WordPress plugin, and getting more tweets from your WordPress content.

Also, if you like ThemeFuse’s themes, don’t miss out on their giveaway.

Let’s get to all the news…


  • Teaching You Isn’t Free Development Time – great article – don’t take advantage of people’s time under the guise of “learning”.
  • Our Journey from 0 to 10k Active Users in Under 3 Months – a look at how fast the Elementor page builder is growing.
  • Introducing Content Options: An Easy New Way to Make Visual Changes to Your Site – it’s on wordpress.com right now, but it might be coming to Jetpack in the future.
  • Improving the User Experience by Rearranging the WordPress Post Editor – good summary of some proposed changes to the WordPress Editor.
  • Is It Getting Harder To Make Money From WordPress? – that’s what Matt discusses on WP-Tonic.
  • WordPress Conquers NASA And Beyond – a fun article on all the places WordPress is being used.


  • How to Set Up CloudFlare for WordPress – The Complete Guide – Colin takes you through setting up CloudFlare for WordPress.
  • How To Setup An Order Form For Your Services With WordPress – a quick guide to setting up an order form in WordPress.
  • Query Monitor – Debug WordPress and Improve Website Performance – Jon shows you how to debug WordPress and improve its performance.
  • How to Make your WordPress Content More Shareable on Twitter – Megan shows you how to get more shares on Twitter.
  • How to Turn Any WordPress Theme Modification into a Simple WordPress Plugin – a simple way to get your feet wet with plugin development.


  • 10 The Core WordPress themes giveaway – ThemeFuse is giving away free themes!
  • A Curated Collection of Free WordPress Lightbox Plugins – some of the best free lightbox plugins.
  • Freemius Monetization Review: An Easy Way to Sell Your Plugins and Themes – give this a read if you’re selling WordPress products.
  • ThemeIsle is giving 30% off Pirate Club to any WordCamp Split attendees – just reply to their tweet for the discount.
  • “What is WordPress?”: What to Tell Your Clients – if you ever need to explain WordPress, you can refer to this resource.

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