Weekly WordPress News: New Editor for WordPress.com + Jetpack

After last week’s rollout of the new import from Google Docs feature, WordPress.com and Jetpack users get another awesome new feature:

A new, distraction free editor.

You can also learn why you should run your site on the latest version of PHP.

And finally, we have a number of reviews of some awesome WordPress products.

Let’s get to all of this week’s news…


  • A Few Tiny Steps Towards an Improved Writing Space at WordPress.com – an awesome new distraction free editor for WordPress.com and Jetpack users..
  • Why You Should Be Using the Latest PHP Versions – Brian discusses why you need the latest versions of PHP.
  • Important update regarding the upcoming WooCommerce release; 2.7 will be 3.0.0 – WooCommerce 3.0 is on the way, apparently.
  • Improving Relevance and Elasticsearch Query Patterns – an interesting article on plugin search algorithms at WordPress.org.
  • The introvert’s guide to participating in the WordPress community – are you an introvert? If so, give this a read.


  • Create a Knowledge Base for Your WordPress Website Using HeroThemes Solutions – how to create a knowledge base using some premium products from HeroThemes.
  • WordPress Customizer: Using Multiple Customize Settings in Single Control – for the devs.
  • How to Add Taxonomy Images “Category Icons” in WordPress – a very specific tutorial.
  • How to Restore WordPress When It’s Down or Locked with Snapshot Pro – helpful if you ever find yourself in trouble


  • The Best WordPress Themes for Personal Resumes – some themes to help you create a personal resume.
  • What Are the Best Project Management Tools for WordPress? – some helpful project management plugins for WordPress.
  • The WPLift Guide to WordPress and PDF: WordPress PDF Plugins – plugins to help you interact better with PDFs.
  • The Best WordPress Drag and Drop Page Builder Plugins – we updated our list of the best page builders out there.
  • MagicPress Review – Is It The Ultimate WordPress Cloud Platform? – MagicPress is a quality new cloud hosting and WordPress management solution.
  • WP Event Manager Review – Add Detailed Event Listings to WordPress – WP Event Manager can help you add detailed events functionality to WordPress.

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