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Adding a membership subscription to your blog or website is one way to add a stable new revenue stream. Membership options on established blogs are becoming quite prevalent at the moment, some examples are the Tuts+ Premium Network (10,000 members at $9 per month!), SpoonGraphics Access All Areas ($7 per month), Web Design Ledger Premium ($7 per month), WPMU Dev ($79 one month).

You can see the attraction – building a stable monthly revenue stream in return for “Members-Only” content which you can add as you go along – the more content you add, the more attractive a membership becomes. A lot of premium theme companies (eg Elegant Themes) also opt for the membership option, rather than charging per theme.

If you want to run a membership site, WordPress can handle the whole thing for you, when combined with a membership plugin – in this post I will be taking a look at the different options.

Magic Members

Magic Members is a premium WordPress Membership Plugin that turns your WordPress blog into a powerful, fully automated membership site.


  • Payment Modules Integration
  • Pay Per Post Access
  • Flexible Membership Options
  • Control Subscription Length
  • Easy Member Management
  • 100% Compatible With Magic Affiliate
  • Multi Language Support
  • Autoresponders Integration
  • Download Manager
  • Sequential Course Delivery System
  • Easy Integration with Existing or New Blogs
  • Multiple Membership Levels
  • Secure RSS With Tokens

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Wishlist Member

” WishList Member is a powerful solution for creating an online membership site – all built using WordPress as the core content management system. Now it’s easy to control access to your content, accept payments, manage your members and so much more. “


  • Unlimited Membership Levels
  • Simple Installation With New or Existing WordPress Blog
  • Create Free, Trial or Paid membership levels
  • Sequential Content Delivery
  • Control Viewed Content
  • Shopping Cart Integration
  • Easy Member Management
  • Multi-Level Access
  • Content Protection
  • Secure RSS Feeds
  • Subscription Length Control
  • Login Redirection
  • “Sneak Peak” Content Display
  • Custom Error Pages
  • Partial Content Display

WishList Member Full Details – Price $97 »

CMS Members

“CMS Members is really more than a WordPress membership plugin. It not only provides a perfect WordPress As CMS solution for your site, but it can also be your new eCommerce platform. We can build you a sign up page, order form,  newsletter subscription, premium theme community, etc …”


  • Create unlimited membership plans
  • CMS Members integrated with PayPal IPN and 2CO
  • CMS Members has support for custom fields
  • Members can deposit money to their accounts, edit their profiles, renew account or upgrade to another plan.
  • You can specify part or all of your posts and pages to only be viewable to registered members or specific plan(s).
  • RSS Feeds protected
  • All premium posts are viewable for Google and other search engines.
  • Bult-in Mass Mailer with AWeber integration
  • Customizable Forms
  • Anti-Fraud system will scan online transactions
  • Built-in CAPTCHA, with the ability to use ReCAPTCHA
  • Affiliate Integration
  • Supports Unicode-8 and GNU gettext localization framework
  • Uses standard WordPress APIs so it’s compatible with future WP versions and other WordPress plugins.

CMS Members Full Details – Price $59.50 »

WP Member

“WP-Member is an advanced WordPress membership plugin that adds many membership features including registration customization, total content protection for posts, pages and categories, content teasers, automated membership management, automated payment processing, unlimited membership levels and subscriptions, full encryption and security, PCI Compliance, message customization and multiple currencies.”


  • Compatible with the latest version of WordPress
  • Fully Automated Membership System
  • Accept Payments using Paypal, and Google Checkout
  • Use any currency that your selected gateway will support.
  • Fast Activation & Install
  • Create Unlimited Membership Levels
  • Create Unlimited Subscriptions
  • Offer Free, Trial and Paid Account Types
  • Content Protection
  • Content Teasers
  • Customizable Error Messages
  • Registration Customization
  • Fall-back Protection
  • Advanced Encryption Protection

WP-Member Full Details – Price $39.99 »

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WordPress Membership

Essentially Membership allows you to transform your WordPress, WPMU or BuddyPress site into a fully functional membership site – where you can provide access to downloads, online content, videos, forums, support and more through flexible membership levels and options.


  • A WordPress membership site, offering resources, forums, downloads, videos, support and more
  • Multiple different levels of membership and complete customizations
  • Multiple membership sites on a WPMU / WordPress MultiSite install
  • BuddyPress membership site, where different groups and blogs are only visible to members
  • Create Membership ‘Levels’ which can access different types of content, ranging from ‘free’ to any number of paid levels.
  • Adding gateways is easy
  • Included in the membership plugin: Amazon Payments, Authorize.NET AIM, PayPal Express, PayPal Pro, 2Checkout

WordPress Membership Full Details – Price: $79 »

Membership Lite Version – Free »

s2 Member

s2Member is an extremely powerful ( and free ) membership management system for WordPress®. The s2Member Framework ( free ) integrates seamlessly with PayPal® ( very easy ), and fully supports recurring billing.


  • The s2Member Framework ( free ) integrates seamlessly with PayPal®
  • Supports recurring billing
  • Track affiliate commissions on a recurring basis
  • Custom Pages for registration
  • Compatible with Multisite Networking
  • Pro version support for PayPal® Pro, Google® Checkout, ClickBank®, and AliPay®
  • Free Subscribers
  • Four Primary Membership Levels
  • Protect Pages, Posts, Tags, Categories, URIs, URI word fragments, URI Replacement Codes for BuddyPress
  • Specific Post/Page “Buy Now” Access
  • Protect downloadable files

s2 Member Full Details – Free »

s2 Member Pro Full Details – Price: $69 »


“WordPress eMember is a WordPress Membership Plugin that can turn your existing or new WordPress site into a membership site easily. You can selectively protect articles by creating various membership levels (eg. Free, Basic, Premium, Ultimate) and protect the content (posts, pages etc) of your site. The plugin manages all the membership management side of things.”


  • Selectively protect the posts, pages, categories and comments
  • Teaser content
  • Secure RSS feeds
  • Login restriction by IP Address
  • Domain Level Lockdown
  • Unlimited membership levels
  • Create different types of membership levels
  • Subscription length control
  • One time payment membership option
  • Scheduled upgrade of member’s membership level
  • Installation with new and existing WordPress blog
  • Fully automated membership system
  • Source code is non-encrypted
  • Easy member management

eMember Full Details – Price: $49.95 »

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